Suro Faulty is one of two main characters of Cyberspace, and therefore is the negative character. Suro is 18 years old, but even as an adult, she is fickle and weak. Edit

Origin Edit

Suro was made in 1998, in the month of June, at the 18th. On a windy Thursday night, she was made in her incubator but the thing is, she got extremely sick with severe cholera. The cause of the cholera was sewage and well, dirty wind and dust.This explains Suro's weight, as it is below average for an 18 year old.Her height was affected by this, as well. As soon as Critic had seen Suro having pain and extreme issues, she went to the hospital immediately. Suro had spent 6-8 days in the hospital due to the effects of cholera. After this, her growing started to have an impact on her body. Nothing much is known during her childhood but we assume the incident where she finally became depressed happened when she was 11. But besides all of this, she still stands today, being able to use her body.

Personality Edit

Suro is a really awkward introvert, usually looking away when stared at to avoid any trouble. Suro's personality has changed, and it could be possible that she has split personalities. Suro also has a tendency to hide in blankets and anything warm or cold, due to the severe cholera and wind that has affected her. Suro hides because she doesn't like to be seen or ever touched unless in pain or when she is just effectively adorable. A darker thing about her personality is that she despises friendships and anything involving friends and will do anything to ruin friendships. Suro fakes her feelings of kindness in order to manipulate and to master.

Trivia Time Edit

-Suro has two middle names, which is baffling as it is commonly debated with the family members. Usually though, they'd use Focus as the middle name.